What to Expect at a Medical Marijuana Doctor Evaluation

For many patients, the first visit to a medical marijuana doctor is daunting. What do I need to bring with me? What kinds of questions will they ask me?  How do I know this doctor is legitimate? By choosing a reputable office like Missouri Cannabis Clinic, you can have an easy, positive experience with your medical marijuana doctor. If you’re ready to get certified for cannabis, make an appointment here!

Visiting your marijuana doctor will be the same as visiting any other physician, except the walls will likely be painted green, and the staff will be much happier. You’ll be expected to bring three things with you to the appointment: 

  1. Proof of Identification, you should plan to bring:

    • Current and valid State Driver’s License or State ID Card


    • An Out of State ID or other government-issued ID, plus one of the following

      • Utility bill, DMV registration, or official piece of mail

  2. Medical Records, you should plan to bring ONE of the following items:

    • Records or notes from a doctor’s visit

    • Discharge summaries from a hospital visit

    • Referrals or notes from a chiropractor or other medical professional

    • Current prescription medication, or your prescription history printed from your local pharmacy

    • Proof of prior medical marijuana status in another state

  3. Payment, you should plan to bring:

    • Cash to pay for the appointment

Your medical marijuana doctor will review your records, evaluate you, and sign your physician certification form.

Your medical marijuana doctor will review your records, evaluate you, and sign your physician certification form.

Like any doctor’s visit, you’ll fill out a few forms upon arrival. The forms will ask questions about your prior medical history. Patients typically take between 10-20 minutes to fill out their paperwork. Upon completion of the forms, a member of our team will take your blood pressure and other vitals.

Finally, you will meet with the doctor for an evaluation. They will review your medical records, and discuss your condition with you. In some cases, a brief physical examination may be necessary. The doctor will ultimately certify you for medical cannabis use, but they will not write a medical marijuana prescription. Since marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, marijuana prescriptions are illegal.

After seeing the doctor, you will receive your certification to take home with you. The certification is good for 30 days, after which it will expire. Be sure to submit your application to the Department of Health and Senior Services during this time frame!

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